3 Things To Know About Uninsured Motorists Claims.

Despite the fact that Oklahoma requires all drivers to carry automobile insurance, some drivers do not, or they carry just the minimum required amount of insurance. Suppose these drivers are at fault when an accident occurs. In that case, your automobile insurance policy may become the only hope you have for the repair of your vehicle and payment for injuries sustained in the accident – even though the accident was not your fault. That portion of your automobile insurance that covers situations like these is called uninsured motorist insurance coverage (UMI.) The following three facts are important in understanding how and why UMI is important and what it can mean if you have a personal injury following an automobile accident where you are not at fault.

1. Minimum Car Insurance Bodily Injury in OK

The minimum bodily injury liability coverage for the state of Oklahoma is just $25,000 per person, and it caps at $50,000 per accident. That means that should anyone involved in the accident have medical expenses that go beyond $25,000, it would not be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.  The at-fault driver’s liability  insurance wouldn’t cover any expenses over $50,000 even if there were multiple persons injured and/or multiple vehicles involved.  This means all medical expenses including ongoing medical care would not be covered by the insurance policy of the at-fault driver. It would need to be covered by your  underinsured or uninsured motor vehicle insurance.

2. Beyond Medical Expenses

When you are injured in an auto accident where you are not at fault, you are also entitled to recover lost wages if your injuries prevent you from working. There is also the matter of property damage. The damages to your car would be an example of property damage. The minimum liability limit for property damage in Oklahoma for auto insurance policies is $25,000.

Given the cost of automobiles these days, and the fact that they are designed to crumple to save drivers and passengers, it does not take much to run up repair costs that are over $25,000. That means that if your newer car is worth more than $25,000 and the damage to it is over $25,000 the at-fault driver’s insurance may not be enough to cover the repair costs, or the car may become a total loss, and you are left with a balance owed to the financing company. If the at-fault driver does not have insurance, and you are in a situation where you have limited insurance, there can be issues. Even with full coverage, there can be issues.

3. Automobile Accidents with Injuries

An automobile accident with injuries is also considered a personal injury. If your passengers are injured, and you are at fault, they can seek damages under personal injury laws. If you are not at fault and there are injuries the other driver can be sued, and you may havea UM claim.

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