Top 7 Causes For Semi-Truck Accidents

In 2020, the most recent year for which there are statistics, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported there were 415,000 semi-truck accidents. Thousands of them resulted in death, in most cases, the death occurred in the passenger cars. Thousands more people were injured so severely that their lives and the lives of their families […]

Can You Appeal a Child Support Decision?

Child support decisions and determinations are based on several factors, including relative income between the parents and the individual needs of their child. These decisions might consider things like whether health insurance is available from one parent or if there are other children or dependents in the home. Of course, all of these circumstances can […]

The 8 Most Important Things To Do After A Car Accident

Whether you are the driver or a passenger involved in a car accident with another vehicle, your immediate reaction is disbelief. It may take you a minute or two to decide what to do next. There are quite a few things you need to do in order to preserve your rights and get the proper […]

5 Important Things To Know About Foster Parent Rights

Taking on the responsibility of fostering children can be complex and challenging. To ease the process and to ensure that anyone who becomes a foster parent has a consistent set of tools and resources in Oklahoma, the state has created a list of foster parent rights that helps foster parents focus on caring for the […]

The Protective Order Process in Oklahoma

 Protective orders are available to anyone who has suffered harassment or abuse including abuse against children from a relative, spouse, or ex. It could also be someone you lived or worked with, or who committed a violent crime or attempted to commit a violent crime against you. The process for protective orders in Oklahoma includes […]

11 Most Common Car Accident Causes

Car accidents happen for many reasons and while most drivers operate their vehicles with care, accidents still occur. In Oklahoma, around 74,000 car accidents occur each year. What are the most common causes of car accidents? Here we list some of the more documented scenarios that lead to car accidents.  caDriving While Impaired We hear […]

4 Important Things To Know About Property & Liability Division During Divorce

The division of property and liabilities is part of the divorce process in Oklahoma. If you are facing divorce, these are four important facts about property division under Oklahoma law that you will want to know. 1. You Have Options for Property Division In Oklahoma, both parties of marriage have two choices when it comes […]

What Are the Basic Steps of Establishing Legal Guardianship in Oklahoma?

Parents are automatically the legal guardians of their children. Parents are legally obligated to care for and ensure their children’s health and safety. However, there are other situations where parents are unavailable or unable to care for their children for various reasons, including illness, death, or situations involving abuse and neglect. If a parent cannot […]

What Is Appellate Law?

Appellate law is the branch of law that deals with appealing court decisions. If you have received a court decision that is against you, and you want to explore the options available to you to appeal that decision you will need to hire an attorney who has experience in appellate law. What Does Appellate Law […]

What Are the Different Types of Custody?

Child custody in Oklahoma is assumed to be a joint venture during a divorce and afterward, so long as the father of the child is acknowledged. That means that both parents have custody of the child or children where these children are the result of the marriage or before the marriage between both parties of […]

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