Rise of Uninsured Motorist Amid COVID-19

Rise of Uninsured Motorist Amid COVID-19   The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on families throughout Oklahoma, the country, and the world. Along with the human toll, there are mounting financial costs associated with the virus as unemployment and personal financial issues mount. This is creating difficult choices for people, some who may drop their […]

Divorce In Oklahoma City Amid COVID-19

Anyone who’s thinking of divorce knows they have some difficult choices to make. And during the coronavirus pandemic, those choices may be somewhat limited because a lot of places are closed and things are very different than they would normally be. But Owens Law Office remains open to assist in divorce and family law cases […]

COVID-19 Forces Oklahoma Peace Officers to Make Changes

As the coronavirus spreads, peace officers are limiting their interaction with the public, especially when it comes to vehicle collisions. “If somebody calls us because they’re in a car crash, that’s different than somebody calling because they want to give us information on someone who is having a domestic (violence situation), or somebody who just […]

Winter Weather Conditions Increase Car Accident Risks in Oklahoma City

Winter weather throughout Oklahoma City is blamed for a series of car accidents and injuries. According to a January 11, 2020 Oklahoma News 4 report, icy roads contributed to more than a dozen crashes over a two day period. With more adverse weather on the way, drivers are urged to take precautions. Adverse Weather Plays […]

Wrong-Way Crash in South Oklahoma Kills Two

Police are still investigating a fireball crash in rural Colbert which killed two people in two different vehicles. Early reports indicate that Ramon Flores, of Cartwright, slammed into Kurt Horn, of Plano. Flores was northbound in the southbound lane of Highway 75. Witness Timothy Witt said Flores was travelling on the wrong side of the […]

Stray Cattle Cause Fatal Car Crash

A woman is dead and a man is in critical condition following a cattle-on-vehicle wreck in Grant County. The wreck occurred on State Highway 74 not far from the Salt Fork River Bridge. 22-year-old Bryson Holeman’s Lincoln collided with some cattle on the roadway. He lost control of his vehicle and spun into a ditch. […]

Hit-and-Run Driver Kills OKC Bicyclist

After striking a bicycle rider, a negligent driver dragged 31-year-old Chad Epley for about ten blocks. The wreck occurred near the intersection of Classen and Northwest 16th Street. First responders rushed the critically-injured Mr. Epley to a nearby hospital, where he was subsequently declared dead. Investigators found the wreckage of his bicycle near the intersection […]

Toddler Killed in Tragic Oklahoma City Pedestrian Accident

According to a press release from the Oklahoma City Police Department, a December 15th pedestrian crash took the life of a toddler.  The collision occurred in the eastern part of the city. A spokesperson for the police reports that the boy, a little younger than two years old; wandered away from a party. He then […]

Harley-Davidson Faces Oklahoma Trial Over Catastrophic Motorcycle Accident

Thousands of motorcycle accidents lead to injuries each year. While many motorcycle accidents are result of operator error or the negligence of other motorists on the road; there are also situations where the motorcycle itself is to blame. Motorcycles are complex machines. If there is any defect in their manufacture, design, or maintenance, the motorcyclist […]

OSDH Issues Warning About Serious Injury and Summer Heat

The Oklahoma State Department of Health recently issued a warning about serious injury in the summer heat. The temperature inside a car can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit with ease. For anyone living and working in Oklahoma City; it is important to know that the summer heat can cause serious injuries. To be sure, The Oklahoma State […]

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