5 Important Things To Know About A Verbal Agreement In Oklahoma?

Verbal agreements can be tricky, which is why some must be written agreements while others can be verbal. In some cases, certain agreements cannot be enforced.  When A Verbal Agreement Will Not Do Real Estate Transactions are never enforced under a verbal agreement in Oklahoma. All real estate transactions must be written – that is […]

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For A Car Accident In Oklahoma?

The statute of limitations for anyone who has been in a car accident in the State of Oklahoma is two years from the date of the accident. While that seems pretty black and white, there are a lot of gray areas. The Modified Comparative Fault Oklahoma has a modified comparative fault rule which is designed […]

What Rights Do I Have In A Child Welfare Case?

What Rights Do I Have In A Child Welfare Case?  Child welfare in Oklahoma is part of Family Law, and the Family Court oversees cases involving children and child welfare. Parents who find themselves in a position to question the welfare of their children or who have been accused of child endangerment or other child […]

Top Four Causes of Big Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

What are the top four causes of big truck accidents in Oklahoma?  The top four causes os big truck accidents are the following: Sleepiness – Falling asleep while operating a big rig Alcohol-Related – alcohol or drug impairment Fatigue – Too tired to focus or pay attention Emotional – Distraught, anger and depression are three […]

3 Things To Know About Uninsured Motorists Claims.

Despite the fact that Oklahoma requires all drivers to carry automobile insurance, some drivers do not, or they carry just the minimum required amount of insurance. Suppose these drivers are at fault when an accident occurs. In that case, your automobile insurance policy may become the only hope you have for the repair of your […]

The 3 Types of Adoption in Oklahoma

Adoption is the legal process by which the parental rights of birth parents are transferred to another person, thus ending the parental rights of those people who gave birth to the adopted person. There are many reasons why someone would choose to adopt another person. We use the word person because not all adoptions involve […]

Can A Termination of Parental Rights Decision Be Appealed?

Whether you have won or lost your termination of parental rights case, the discussion may not be completely finished. A termination of parental rights decision can be appealed in Oklahoma. What You Need To Know About Appealing a Termination of Parental Rights Decision There Are Many Rules That Apply The first thing to know is […]

Can Passengers Involved in a Car Accident Collect Compensation? 

When most people think about car accidents, they think about the drivers of the vehicles. Passengers are sometimes overlooked. However, passengers often have very little control over what happens to them while riding in a vehicle.  Someone else at-fault can cause serious damages to a passenger. The person at fault could be the driver of […]

6 Common Steps in the Divorce Process  

Every divorce is different. The process varies on whether you mediate, agree to most of the terms of the separation, or have significant issues that will require a fight in court. When you cannot agree on every term in your divorce, you will likely have to go through the full divorce process in Oklahoma. Below […]

Tips on What Not To Do During a Separation

With over 20 years of legal practice, Attorney Phillip P. Owens II has seen a lot regarding separation and divorce. One always hopes that couples will work out their differences, and while sometimes they do, they often don’t. What happens during a legal separation and how you handle your life during that time can impact […]

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