Where Do the Majority of Auto Accidents Occur in Oklahoma City?

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, about 66,000 car accidents happened in Oklahoma in 2021. More than 21,000 of them happened in the state’s capital, Oklahoma City.

If you live in Oklahoma City, be aware of this statistic and avoid car accidents at all costs. Prepare to contact a reputable law office in Oklahoma City if you’re ever involved in a motor vehicle accident.

One way to steer clear of car crashes in the city is by finding the answer to the question, “Where do the majority of auto accidents occur in Oklahoma City?” See several of the common locations for car crashes in the city below.

Interstate 40

Interstate 40, or I-40, is one of the busiest highways in Oklahoma City. It’s usually filled with a mix of cars and large trucks, both during rush hour and at many other times throughout the day.

The volume of motor vehicles on I-40 and the speeding that occurs on this highway contribute to it being one of the more dangerous highways in Oklahoma City.

Interstate 240

Interstate 240, or I-240, is another busy highway in Oklahoma City that sees its fair share of accidents. It features a few sharp curves along with short on-ramps that can cause complications when drivers merge onto I-240.

I-240 also intersects with other busy highways in Oklahoma City. These intersections can confuse drivers, especially when they need to shift lanes to take an exit. Speeding is also an issue on I-240 that contributes to many car accidents.

Broadway Extension

The Broadway Extension, or US-77, is particularly susceptible to rush-hour traffic. Drivers often become stuck in stop-and-go traffic for long stretches, which can lead to minor fender-benders as well as more serious crashes.

Drivers on US-77 should always practice patience and try not to tailgate. They need to be ready to make sudden stops and change lanes at a moment’s notice.

Other Places in Oklahoma City Where Auto Accidents Occur

The majority of car accidents in Oklahoma City take place on I-40, I-240, and US-77. However, the answer to the question, “Where do the majority of auto accidents occur in Oklahoma City?” also includes intersections, such as:

  • NW 39th Expressway and May Avenue
  • Broadway Extension and NW 63rd Street
  • North Pennsylvania Ave and NW Expressway intersection

Stay away from these intersections if you can — or at the very least, keep road safety at the forefront of your mind while driving through them.

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“Where do the majority of auto accidents occur in Oklahoma City?” is a tough question to answer since so many of them happen each year. It doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a major car accident on a highway like Interstate 40 or a minor crash on a rural road that’s close to home. Consider taking legal action if you were seriously injured in an auto accident or if your vehicle sustained extensive damage.

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