11 Most Common Car Accident Causes

Car accidents happen for many reasons and while most drivers operate their vehicles with care, accidents still occur. In Oklahoma, around 74,000 car accidents occur each year. What are the most common causes of car accidents? Here we list some of the more documented scenarios that lead to car accidents. 

caDriving While Impaired

We hear a lot about drunk drivers, but driving while drunk is only one form of impairment that can lead to a car accident. Driving while high, driving while on prescription medication, driving while emotional, and driving while exhausted or asleep are all forms of impaired driving.

Impaired means that we are not in control. When drunk, we are not able to properly judge distance, speed, and caution. While high, the same types of issues occur while drunk, but we may also feel empowered to speed or be reckless. When we are emotional, we are distracted from the chore of driving. That lack of attention can cause us to miss warnings that would otherwise prevent an accident.

Car accidents are a form of personal injury. List of common driving while impaired causes of car accidents:

1. Drunk Drivers

2. Driving while on Drugs

3. Driving while on Prescription Medication

4. Driving while Emotional – Crying, road rage, etc.

Driving Recklessly

Driving Recklessly is a very common cause of accidents. Speeding, tailgating, racing, and other forms of careless driving are forms of driving recklessly. Many car accidents could be avoided if one car was not going too fast to stop. Change of lane accidents is also avoidable when cars are going within the speed limit. Whether it is car vs. car, car vs. pedestrian, or a single-vehicle accident, the damage and injuries sustained due to reckless driving can be severe. Three forms of driving recklessly include:

5. Speeding

6. Racing

7. Tailgating

Driving Aggressively

Failure to yield is a major cause of accidents. Trying to make left turns between oncoming traffic and not judging the distance accurately is an example. Not following traffic laws or not waiting your turn at stop signs is also a cause of accidents. Aggressive drivers put everyone at risk.

8. Speeding and weaving between lanes

9. Racing cars, trucks, or motorcycles on public roads

10. Driving too closely to other vehicles hoping to make them go more quickly – tailgating

Weather Related Conditions

Speeding is never the safest way to drive, but it can become especially dangerous when it is raining, snowing, or icy. Not paying attention to road conditions is another cause of accidents. Changing weather conditions catch drivers unprepared such as when it starts to snow.

11.  Not driving more cautiously during inclement weather

These 11 causes of accidents lead to many personal injuries every year. In Oklahoma, the driver who causes the accident may be liable for the cost of injuries sustained due to the accident or the driver’s negligence. If you have been injured in a car accident a personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and the legal recourse you have available.

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