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There are many situations in which a family member or other adult in a child’s life might seek guardianship of him or her.  Sometimes, parents can’t make legal decision after being severely injured in a car crash or other accident and are incapacitated.  Parents may suffer from substance abuse or psychological issues that present dangers to their children.

Children deserve to have adults in their lives who care about their well-being. If you are seeking the authority to make important legal decisions on behalf of a minor child, you need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the guardianship process.

Attorney Phillip P. Owens II has handled child guardianship cases for clients throughout Oklahoma. He and his wife have been guardians of minor children. He knows the law and how to help our clients get formal guardianship of minor children. He also knows that this can be a difficult process for anyone who wants to protect children. He approaches these cases with professionalism and sensitivity to our clients’ concerns and wishes.

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Establishing guardianship over a minor child gives many benefits and responsibilities for the adult guardian. For example, they are authorized to:

  • Make important decisions related to the child’s health care and medical treatment
  • Manage state benefits to which the child is entitled
  • Enroll the child in school

There is a formal application process to obtain guardianship of a child, and applicants must appear before a judge to explain why they want to become the child’s guardian. Oklahoma City guardianship attorney Phillip P. Owens II assists our clients during the entire process, preparing them to speak to the judge and make their case.

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