Benefits of a Child-Centered Divorce

Parents who are going through the divorce process often use their children as pawns in a contentious legal battle. The spouses are so caught up in their own emotions, they focus on what they want and getting their own needs met. A child-centered divorce helps the parents put the needs of the children first.

Benefits of a Child-Centered Divorce

In a child-centered divorce, all decisions the parents make are based on what is in the children’s best interest. The perspective of the child must be considered. What does the child want? How does the child perceive what is happening?

Children often believe the divorce is somehow their fault. Both parents need to assure the children it is not their fault. They need to know they are not losing one parent and both parents will still be there for them.

Some examples of how the child-centered divorce benefits both children and parents include:

Child-centered parenting schedule. Way too often, when scheduling parenting time with children, the parents look at their own schedule of business or social events. Instead, they should focus on what is going on in the children’s lives. Where do the children need to be on certain days of the week to interact with friends, be involved in school events or extracurricular activities?

Child support and other economic issues. Instead of focusing on how the economics of the divorce will impact their individual lives, parents should think of what effect the change in the family economics will have on the children. Will they need to move from the family home? If they need to move, will they need to change schools? Will they still be able to be involved in their extracurricular activities that may cost money, such as music and dance lessons or sports activities?

Co-Parenting Equals a Win for Both

Parents of minor children will be co-parenting for many years to come. This will be much easier for them if they have made their divorce a child-centered one.

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