How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take in Oklahoma?

After a car accident in Oklahoma, you may face heavy medical costs while unable to work. Naturally, you’ll ask, “How long does a car accident settlement take? When will I receive compensation for my medical bills, missed days at work, and property damage?”

The quick answer: “It depends.” Generally, the sooner you contact a qualified law office in Oklahoma City, the better your chances of resolving your claim within a reasonable timeframe. 

The Timeframe for Car Accident Cases

Every car accident case is different. A claim after a minor, well-documented collision may settle within a few weeks, whereas a complex and disputed chain accident case could take several years. 

An experienced lawyer can give you an estimate of how long your case may take. Ultimately, however, it depends on many elements, like the claim investigation and negotiations with the liable insurance company. 

The Steps of a Typical Car Accident Claim in Oklahoma

Once you contact a car accident lawyer, you can expect the following process:

1. Case Investigation

The lawyer will examine all available evidence in your case. Since Oklahoma is an at-fault state for car accident claims, your attorney must show the other side violated traffic laws or didn’t do enough to prevent a car crash. Your lawyer will also use your medical records and other documentation to calculate damages.

2. Demand Letter

Once your attorney has a clear estimate of your claim’s worth, they’ll send a demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The letter will state the compensation you expect and why it’s reasonable based on the damages you suffered. 

3. Negotiations

At this point, the insurance company may offer a settlement, which is usually lower than the sum in the demand letter. Your attorney may then make a counteroffer. If negotiations fail, your claim could escalate to a lawsuit.

What Determines How Long a Claim Takes

So, how long does a car accident settlement take? A claim can be settled faster or dragged out based on the following factors:

  • Liability. When both sides share the responsibility or the accident involves multiple vehicles, proving liability could take longer.
  • Available evidence. Clear, compelling evidence like video footage and witness testimonies will help settle a case quickly. 
  • The extent of your injuries. Your lawyer will likely advise you to file a claim only once you have reached a state of maximum possible improvement so you have a clear picture of your future medical costs.
  • Your claim’s worth. Generally, the more money is on the table, the harder insurers will fight against a claim. 
  • The negotiation process. If an insurance adjuster comes forward with a reasonable offer early in the process, your claim may end sooner. 

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