Toddler Killed in Tragic Oklahoma City Pedestrian Accident

According to a press release from the Oklahoma City Police Department, a December 15th pedestrian crash took the life of a toddler.

 The collision occurred in the eastern part of the city. A spokesperson for the police reports that the boy, a little younger than two years old; wandered away from a party. He then made his way to the road, and was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Police believe that neither alcohol nor excessive speed were a factor in the heartbreaking accident.

However, law enforcement officials do believe that a hill may have contributed to the accident. The collision occurred just after the crest of a small hill; potentially reducing the amount of time the driver had to react to the childSadly, kids are disproportionately the victims of deadly pedestrian crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 10,000 children are victims in pedestrian accidents each year. While some of these children escape with minor or moderate injuries, many of these crashes are severe. The younger the child, the more likely a pedestrian accident is to result in catastrophic injuries or a fatality.

The NHTSA reports that children between the ages of eight and fourteen are at the highest risk of injury by a vehicle.

This is true for a variety of different reasons. Children within this age group are generally highly active. In addition, they are also old enough to play without constant supervision. At the same time, they are still young enough to take ill-advised risks.
As explained by Oklahoma City auto accident lawyer Phillip P. Owens II, “For parents of children injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, there are legal options available. In Oklahoma, drivers are not necessarily at fault for a pedestrian accident. To hold a driver liable for this type of crash, a plaintiff must prove that the driver’s negligence contributed to causing the accident. Common examples of driver negligence including speeding and distracted driving. Notably, in pedestrian accident claims that involve children, other parties — including schools and daycare centers — may also bear liability for the accident.”

Oklahoma remains one of the worst states in the country for highway fatalities.

As reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS); 683 people died in motor vehicle collisions; in the state, in 2016. On a population adjusted basis, Oklahoma is one of the ten most dangerous states for motorists and pedestrians. As a result, our firm has experience in personal injury.

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