Top Four Causes of Big Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

What are the top four causes of big truck accidents in Oklahoma

The top four causes os big truck accidents are the following:

  1. Sleepiness – Falling asleep while operating a big rig
  2. Alcohol-Related – alcohol or drug impairment
  3. Fatigue – Too tired to focus or pay attention
  4. Emotional – Distraught, anger and depression are three forms of emotions that impact our ability to drive.

The 2020  Highway Safety Crash Facts Book of Oklahoma details some of this in their accident statistics below. 

12.7 percent of big rig accidents are caused by the driver reaching or moving while driving and then losing control.

7.8 percent of big rig accidents are caused by speeding

7.7 percent of big rig accidents are caused by unsafe lane changes

6.4 percent of big rig accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention

Injuries Involving Big Trucks

Truck and Vehicular accidents are considered a personal injury when someone other than the driver of the at-fault vehicle is injured. In 2020, 4,784 injuries were reported from accidents involving big rigs. The Highway Safety Facts Book breaks them down here:

  • 152 Serious Injuries – including fatalities
  • 393 Minor injuries
  • 623 Possible injuries
  • 3,543 No injuries

It is fortunate that the largest percentage ranked here shows that no injuries were sustained. For the other 1,168 people who did sustain some level of injury, you are faced with seeking medical help, loss of work, loss of wages, and other complications including pain and suffering from those injuries.

If the accident was due to drunk driving, sleepiness, fatigue, or carelessness, and you are not the driver of the at-fault vehicle, then you could be due compensation that helps you to:

  1. Receive medical care until your injury is healed or determined to be ongoing.
  2. Receive repayment for lost wages caused by your injury – physical and psychological
  3. Pain and Suffering due to your physical injuries and psychological injuries
  4. Job retraining if you cannot return to your current job
  5. And additional compensation.

A big gig or semi-truck accident is often violent, even when they occur at slower speeds. A big rig weighs a considerable amount and even when moving slowly can cause significant damage to another vehicle. Big rigs often contain more than one driver or passenger and those people involved in an accident who become injured can also file a personal injury claim if the driver of the big rig is at fault.

Were You Involved In A Big Rig/ Truck Accident? 

If you are involved in an accident with a big rig or you’re an injured passenger during an accident with a truck, ask for a police report and then call a personal injury attorney to go over your rights. There are time limits under which you must file a claim and your attorney will help you realize the statutes of limitations on your case. Even as a passenger in a big rig where the driver of the truck is at fault, you may be entitled to medical care, lost wages, and job retraining if warranted.

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